Protein that satisfies your sweet craving.

No bake protein balls are perfect for a mid-day or pre-workout snack. They are macro friendly and satisfy your sweet cravings. In just 5 minutes, you can whip up a batch of truffles when hunger strikes.


1 scoop (34g) Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Core Nutritionals MRP
½ cup (40g) quick oats
2 T. (12g) powdered peanut butter
1 tsp. zero calorie sweetener
1/8 cup (20g) raisins
1 T. (21g) honey
2 T. almond milk

In a food processor, combine: protein, oats, sweetener, powdered peanut butter, and raisins. Pulse until finely chopped. Pour into a medium mixing bowl and add honey and milk. Mix until it forms sticky dough. Roll into eight evenly sized truffles. Place in fridge to set for 1 hour and store remaining truffles in fridge.

Recipe makes 8 balls

Nutrition Facts per 1 ball: 61 calories, 1g Fat, 10g Carbohydrate, 3g Protein
 protein energy balls

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