Protein Packed Cereal that’s a ‘quick and easy’ Morning Breakfast

The latest recipe trend after whipped coffee is pancake cereal! Hope you have some time on your hands because like the whipped coffee, it’s not a ‘quick and easy’ morning breakfast. Just like the name sounds, it’s basically mini pancakes in a bowl topped with a pat of butter and syrup. It’s a debate whether you still pour milk on top. I’d say yes, otherwise they are quite dry and if it’s cereal, you gotta use the milk. I would not be opposed if you drizzled melty peanut butter on top and chocolate chips. Now there’s an idea!

I’ve done both the spoon method and piping bag method and the latter is definitely simpler. If you use the spoon you want way less batter than you think. The smaller the circles the better, visually, but not labor wise. It took me about 20 minutes to make all my mini pancakes. I didn’t count them but I probably had 100. It filled up my bowl nicely which is what I was going for. I also recommend a very tiny spatula for flipping.

The traditional pancake recipe contains little protein and topped with syrup which is basically all carbs leaves you with a dense meal. By making a small swap of adding protein to your pancakes batter you are really doing yourself a favor. I used a maple French toast flavor of protein for my pancakes which was perfect plus added some extra cinnamon. Next time you find yourself with an extra 30 minutes and want to have a little fun in the kitchen or take that perfect Instagram food pic, this recipe is for you!


1 whole egg
6 T. unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 scoop (32.8g) Core Nutritionals Maple French Toast protein
40g Kodiak Cakes buttermilk flapjack mix
Dash of cinnamon, optional

In a small bowl, mix all ingredients together until you get a smooth batter. Heat a small or medium skillet over medium heat. Lightly coat skillet with non-stick flour flavor cooking spray. Pipe or spoon in small round circles and flip once cooked. Place in a bowl and continue rounds until all pancakes have been cooked.

Top with light butter and sugar free syrup if desired. You could also pour milk over mini pancakes if desired.

Serving Size: entire recipe – 358 calories, 42g Protein, 25g Carbohydrates, 10g Fat

(Nutrition does not include butter, syrup or milk)

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Protein Pancake Cereal
Protein Pancake Cereal
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