Fitness Training
Fitness Training

Fitness Coaching

I specialize in online fitness coaching with clients of all fitness goals and levels from beginners to advanced levels of all ages. We work together to create a plan designed to make lifestyle changes customized to fit your specific needs. I don’t email cookie cutter plans with the same recommendations for everyone. Every client has their own set of guidelines and tailed plan to fit their individual needs. My methods are based on scientific research, guided by flexible dieting principles and emphasize learning about health and nutrition. We exchange emails weekly and my clients get to join my exclusive private Facebook for additional support. I’m available to my clients 24/7 for constant communication and support whenever they need it.


“I have been working with Courtney for 8 months, not only have I seen major changes in my weight but my overall health has improved significantly. Courtney teaches “flexible dieting”, this is the idea of still living your life but making smarter food choices along the way. She has molded my fixed mindset of dieting into a growth one. It’s not all about what is on the scale. It is about making good choices while going out with friends, focusing on successes other than the scale, and incorporating exercise into everyday life. She has created individualized workout plans and macros schedules for me each week. She modifies workouts to what I have available to me and helps me with decisions about food. She always responds to my texts or emails right away. She motivates me and it always open and honest about my progress. Courtney pushes me to be the best human I can be whether it’s congratulating me on a race, helping me with recipes, and just overall support in life. Courtney is more than just a coach, she is a friend.”
Katie H.

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